5 Takeaways from ACT Expo 2022

Two Einride autonomous trucks dominated the entrance to the 2022 ACT Expo show floor – adding a definite futuristic feel to exhibit hall from the get-go.
Photo: Jack Roberts

Trade shows are an excellent place to get a sense of where trucking is hea…

This Funny Little Fire Engine Is Pro-Pedestrian

LAFD’s more compact electric pumper is the first of its kind in North America. Photo: @LAFDChief/Twitter

On Tuesday, a brush fire started in the Hollywood Hills, sending plumes of gray smoke over Los Angeles. When fire risk is extremely high …

Rural Electrification 2.0

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Ford F150 Lightning kicking dust on a dirt road.
J.Repak Productions

Growing up in rural America, my first vehicle–like many of my friends–was a truck. Like many before me, moving to a …