Rural Electrification 2.0

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Ford F150 Lightning kicking dust on a dirt road.
J.Repak Productions

Growing up in rural America, my first vehicle–like many of my friends–was a truck. Like many before me, moving to a …

Geotab ELD now certified for Canada

Geotab’s electronic logging device (ELD) has been third-party certified, giving it Transport Canada’s stamp of approval for use in Canada.
The news was welcomed by Canadian Geotab resellers.
“Since our inception, Geotab and Attrix have identified a cri…

3PL GoBolt expands to U.S.

A Canadian third-party logistics company that recently expanded into the U.S. has big goals to improve the American supply chain and to do so sustainably by reaching 12.75 million households with electric vehicles.
The company will forward place produc…