VIDEO. Armed men intercept trailer and lower driver in Querétaro-Chimequillas bypass

Armed men they stopped the passage of a trailer in the Queretaro-Chimequillas bypass and lowered the driver. Thanks to a camera installed inside the trailer, it was possible to see the moment when armed subjects who were traveling in a van prevent the driver from passing. It all started when a man came out of the passenger window of a truck, which was also in progress, brown and holding a short weapon, signaling to the driver to stop.

Moments later the truck accelerates and gets in front of the trailer and makes it stop. Also read: Greek "N", alleged serial killer, is linked to a new trial; he hooked his victims with job offers Other men get out of the truck, also with weapons.

Behind the truck that blocked the way, another car emerges from which at least two more men get out, also with weapons. "Get off!", is heard in the video and seconds later it is seen that they apparently lower the driver while one of them takes him to another side.

Seconds later the trailer starts moving again.

Thus, the impunity of the organizing crime in #Mexico @Effect10

- Ricardo Morales Sanc (@riva_leo) August 5, 2022

[embedded content]

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