Peskov: “American prisoners? They are mercenaries, not the Geneva conference.” Michael 27: “Vote yes to Kiev as EU candidate”

20 June 2022 21:55

Peskov: "Were American citizens captured?" They are mercenaries and are not protected by the Geneva Convention.

Two American citizens were captured in Ukraine I "Mercenaries"Who committed the crimes" and "the security of the Geneva conference on prisoners of war can not be trusted" because they are not members of the Ukrainian military. The Kremlin spokesman said. Dmitry PeskovIn an interview with the American Network MSNBC.

Yesterday, the Foreign Ministry announced that it was trying to confirm the authenticity of the photo published in the Telegram by Russian blogger Timofy Vasiliev. Evidence of US capture of two militants by Russian forces north of Kharkiv last week. In the picture revealed, the two are in the back of a Russian military truck: that Alexander John-Robert Drook39, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, e Andy Tai Ngoc Huynh, 27, Hartcell, Alabama.

The photo shows two men looking at the camera, with their hands behind their backs. 20 June 2022 20:03

Spokesman Orban: "Hungary supports candidate status for Ukraine"

Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor OrbanThere is Positive Compared with the assumption that Ukraine is a candidate for entry into the European Union gains the status of a country.

His spokesman, Jordan Kovacs, underlined Orban's interview with Charles Michel, President of the European Council, in view of the EU summit. During the phone call, the spokesman added that Orban was in favor of candidate status for Moldova, Georgia and Bosnia. 20 June 2022


Michael to Council of Europe: "Recognition of Candidate Status in Ukraine and Moldova"

"The time has come to recognize that the future of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia lies within the EU. I invite you. Provide candidate status To doUkraine And Moldova. In parallel, we will continue to provide Ukraine with strong humanitarian and military resources, economic and financial assistance.

The President of the Council of Europe writes it Charles Michael In an invitation to 27 European leaders to consider the summit on Thursday and next Friday, the organization should express its views. Commission proposal to grant status to all three countries. 20 June 2022 19:53

Van der Leyen: "Polluted fossils have no rebirth"

"We need to make sure we use this crisis to move forward Return on polluting fossil fuels. This is a fine line and we are not yet sure if we will take the right turn. This was stated by the President of the European Union Ursula van der Leyen In an interview with some foreign media including Financial TimesIt focuses on the temporary withdrawal of coal announced by some European countries, such as Germany, Austria or the Netherlands, following cuts in Moscow's gas flows.

20 June 2022 19:50

Turkish government: "Sweden and Finland in NATO?" Only if we act against the terrorists "

Inter-negotiation Turkey Aside and Sweden And Finland On the other hand, the two Scandinavian countries' affiliation with NATO. Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for the Turkish president, underlined that the NATO summit scheduled for next week in Madrid was not the deadline for joining the Stockholm-Helsinki alliance.
"The Terrorist organizations How should the PKK and Feto stop their operations in Sweden and Finland?

A spokesman argued that Turkey was not opposed to the coalition's expansion policy, adding that "there are a number of policies and procedures established by NATO regarding the accession process. All member states of the Alliance are following these procedures. 20 June 2022


Florusi: "Three wounded, 7 missing in Ukrainian attack on Crimea"

Rescue workers have rescued 94 people after Ukrainian forces attacked three gas drilling sites in the Black Sea. This was stated by the pro-Russian governor of Crimea Sergei AksenovThree people were injured and seven workers are still missing. 20 June 2022


Turkey did not dissolve its reservations on Sweden and Finland in NATO

A meeting "Creative" But not the end It will be followed by others. So is NATO's Secretary-General in the package Jens Stoltenberg The alliance, held today at its headquarters in Brussels, defined a new round of talks between Turkey and the two candidate countries to join Sweden and Finland. 20 June 2022


Military Kiev: "Russian troops are very depressed, some do not want to fight"

"The enemy shot Civil Infrastructure In the border areas of the region ???? And directional bombs were recorded Kharkiv, Where the enemy failed a spy attempt ". This was reported in the Daily Bulletin of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and "the enemy attack was successfully repulsed by our defenders. Slovenesk, Near Bogorodichne residence. The struggle to capture the city continues ChevrodonetskOccupiers are firing on our troops, "the state bulletin continued, referring to artillery fire in Lycian, Hirsch, and Ustinivka.
"Due to the substantial losses, the personnel of certain sections of the occupying forces were a Very low morale It also tries to avoid participating in hostilities, "the document concludes.

20 June 2022 19:33

Hollande removes restrictions on coal power generation

The Netherlands stands Removes restrictions A. for power generation Coal In order to make up for the cuts in Russian gas supplies caused by the war in Ukraine. This was stated by the Minister of Energy and Environment Rob Jetton. "The government has decided to immediately remove production restrictions on coal-fired power plants from 2022 to 2024.

This means that coal-fired power plants can operate at full capacity again instead of a maximum of 35%," the minister said. Press conference. 20 June 2022


Zhelensky: "Russians mobilize to attack Kharkiv"

The Russian army is trying to mobilize more troops for one New attack on Kharkiv. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky in his video address to the Global Policy Forum of the Institute for International Political Studies (ISP) at the University of Poconi in Milan. "Now the Russian army is trying to mobilize forces to attack Kharkiv again. There are 1.5 million people there," the Ukrainian leader said.

Peskov: "Subtly charming alcohol fan. Infuriatingly humble social media fanatic.

Friendly tv guru."