Digital transformation in the transport industry

Empowering drivers and fleet managers with real-time data

Manage a whole fleet on a global level from one place – with one supplier One of the challenges transport companies face is the requirement to comply with a wide variety of different regulatory authorities. Everything from truck driver’s working hours to fuel tax reporting is often managed manually, an expensive task often lacking in time efficiency.

At the same time, the ever-growing inner cities can see a benefit of using micromobility transportation for last mile deliveries rather than cars or minivans that are easily held up by traffic. Constant connectivity gives business managers and insurance administrators a full range of metrics to assess risk management in a brand-new way. This includes everything from speed, hard breaks, harsh acceleration, and safety measures.

Real-time data can also predict congestions and predict potential traffic hazards, which is key for both public and private transport companies.

The data provided by cellular connectivity helps fleet managers build a safer environment for drivers while also providing insurers with safety records.

Some personal auto insurance companies claim that driver coaching saves up to 50% on premium costs – commercial drivers could see similar cost reductions or greater.