Lorry drivers exempt from daily Covid testing

London, UK: Lorry drivers are not on the 100k “critical workers” list and so are exempt from the daily lateral flow testing scheme for Covid, the Road Haulage Association has learned. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had announced that key workers in several industries that keep the country running would be required to take lateral flow Covid tests daily. The testing rollout is due to start from Monday 10 January.

The Department for Transport has confirmed to the RHA that lorry drivers are exempt from the daily testing scheme – while they are critical workers, they work in isolation and are not working face-to-face with other workers. The RHA has also received assurances that the supply of lateral flow tests is increasing. It was told that there is still potential for firms to apply for critical worker status.

The following tests must be met. Your sector works in particularly risky environments where workers could infect their colleagues – eg enclosed spaces with limited ventilation; and absences in your sector would be likely to cause significant disruption to public services or national security. In addition, your qualifying workforce must meet the same tests as for the critical worker exemption in the “pingdemic”:

A critical worker is one who works in those critical elements of infrastructure (namely assets, facilities, systems, networks or processes and the essential workers that operate and facilitate them), the loss or compromise of which could result in:

Major detrimental impact on the availability, integrity or delivery of essential services – including those services whose integrity, if compromised, could result in significant loss of life or casualties – taking into account significant economic or social impacts; and/or significant impact on national security, national defence, or the functioning of the state.

Any applications including evidence demonstrating these tests have been met should be sent to: [email protected]