Bollinger Motors Postpones Electric Pickup and SUV, Looks to Commercial EV Fleet Chassis

Bollinger B1 utility truck and B2 pickup truck models are both all-wheel drive, high-performance vehicles. Photo: Bollinger Motors

Bollinger Motors said it will postpone its consumer-truck production and delivery, according to the company's press announcement on Instagram. "We started Bollinger Motors in 2015 with a dream and a desire to make the best trucks possible," said Robert Bollinger, CEO of Bollinger Motors. "We've put countless hours of hard work and passion into making something that makes us proud.

However, today, we're postponing the consumer trucks' development and shifting our focus to commercial trucks and fleets." In December 2021, the company said it is developing an all-electric platform and chassis cab for various applications in Class 3-6 vehicles, offering adaptable battery solutions to accommodate large payloads, sufficient range, and long-life durability. Bollinger Motors said it will refund deposits for those who'd previously reserved the electric B1 sport utility truck and the B2 pickup truck.

Bollinger Motors is known for its Bollinger B1 utility truck and B2 pickup truck models, which are both all-wheel drive, high-performance vehicles, but can sell commercially as well. For example, the models are well-suited to firefighting and mining fleets that must travel rough terrain. The company had letters of intent from fleets and pre-orders with deposits down from consumer customers.

Bollinger Motors planned to begin producing its first wave of vehicles in late 2022 and into early 2023.

Originally posted on Charged Fleet