New junction set for College Road and Lough Atalia Road

A new junction between College Road and Lough Atalia Road is imminent after the Galway City Council agreed to a variation of the City Development Plan supporting specific projects outlined in the Galway Transport Strategy. Following a lengthy debate at Monday's online meeting councillors agreed to make a couple of variations to the Galway City Development Plan (GCDP ) 2017-2023. The first alteration amends land use zoning and specific objectives map to extend the existing specific objective - bus route (GTS ) to provide for a link through RA zoned lands from College Road to Lough Atalia Road.

City Development Plan

During the meeting Galway City Council chief executive Brendan McGrath [pictured above] said: "Any project that is submitted has to be aligned with our policies and objectives of the City Development Plan. "Where there is any conflict with our development plan it requires a variation prior to the commencement of a Part 8 or a Part 10 planning consent." Mr McGrath stated that the realignment between College Road and Lough Atalia Road would ultimately lead to an increase in green space. "In relation to this specific variation between College Road and Lough Atalia the realignment of the route is through a small piece of green space," he continued.

"When the project is complete there will actually be an increase in the amount of green space over and above what is there. The piece of green space we are talking about is a piece of passive green space that is currently sandwiched between two public roads. The proposed realignment will impact on the green space essentially to enable a better junction and better linkage with the Lough Atalia Road."

Proper planning

New junction set for College Road and Lough Atalia Road

All councillors present voted in favour in this proposal, and then the second variation relating to provide additional text that further supports the Galway Transport Strategy Projects including public transport measures, the city centre access network, the cross city link, and the cycle network was discussed.

Some councillors looked for clarity on issues, but an amendment proposed by Cllr Owen Hanley [pictured above] to add the inclusion of a specific reference to proper planning and sustainable development of the area in line of the recommendations by the NWRA was carried.

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