How Qatar Airways Cargo is giving back to the communities through WeQare

Qatar Airways Cargo introduced its sustainability project, WeQare, that consists of a series of positive and impactful actions in the form of chapters in 2020. These actions are based on the core pillars of sustainability - environment, society, economy and culture. They are being implemented at all levels of the cargo carrier's business which is a real turning point for air freight and will make the cargo carrier's operations more sustainable, going forward.

"We are deeply concerned about the legacy we leave for the future generation.

As a leading cargo carrier, we want to make CSR a key strategic element of our business and want our positive actions to have a ripple effect. Keeping this in mind, we are proud to present WeQare, a project close to the heart of every Qatar Airways Cargo employee," said Guillaume Halleux, chief officer cargo at Qatar Airways.

Last July, Qatar Airways Cargo launched Chapter 1 in its series of WeQare actions by providing the free transport of 1 million kilos of humanitarian aid and medical equipment to charitable organisations. To commemorate this important programme, the cargo carrier also released a special logo ahead of Chapter 2 which will be announced this month.

Its tree patterns symbolise life and growth, the environment and our society as a whole. The tree patterns are enclosed within a round shape representing the planet. All of these elements are united around a common or shared purpose - sustainability.  

The cargo carrier's employees are the driving force behind the project that encourages cohesion and also provides a sense of fulfilment.

All chapters launched throughout the programme are directly linked to everyday activities of the cargo carrier, its daily experience within the industry and its way of rethinking the business model, with sustainability as the main focus.

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