Bike deals: Save on road, gravel, electric bikes and more

Hunting down the best bike deals can be a long and laborious internet-trawling grind. New deals appear all the time and the availability of the most common sizes is often limited, meaning if you don't act fast, you can often miss the best deals. Luckily for you, the Cyclingnews team have been hunting down bike deals so you don't have to, so avoid the hassle by checking out our roundup of bargains below.

And don't worry if you're not looking for bikes because our guide to the best cycling deals has a break down of all types of two-wheeled bargains including mountain bikes, gravel bikes, electric bikes and more.

Bike deals by type In a typical year, heading to the internet in search of bike deals would probably be a straight forward task. The sheer abundance of bicycle manufacturers and the increasing rate at which they innovate means that there is generally an abundance of unsold bikes in the world.

As a result, when supply outstrips demand, bike deals become almost hard to miss. However, 2020 was far from a typical year.  If there's been one good thing to come as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's that millions of people have started cycling, be that for exercise or for transport. However, the coinciding closure of factories meant that while demand increased, supply ceased.

The subsequent scarcity of stock is still a long way from recovery and those once-abundant bike deals are becoming ever rarer. However, here at Cyclingnews, we're not just experts on bike racing, we know a thing or two about shrewd shopping, so read on to peruse what we've found today. To help you browse, we have broken down our bike deals by type: road, gravel, commuter, electric, mountain bikes and kids' bikes, and within each section we've split out US and UK deals, then organised by price. 

Road bikes come with dropped handlebars and skinny tyres. They are designed to go fast, cover long distances, climb mountains and then descend at up to 100kph. Not every bike will do all of those things perfectly, which is why there are various niches such as lightweight bikes, endurance bikes, aero bikes and more. 

If you're looking for advice on each, our best road bikes buyers guide is the place to start. 

Cervelo R3 Disc Ultegra Di2 | 10% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was £6,500.00 | Now £5,850.00
It's rare to find a carbon road bike with Di2 and discs with a saving, so act fast if you're in the market for a bike like this. The Cervelo R3 is designed to be a great all-rounder race bike, it comes with carbon wheels, Shimano groupset and it's set up ready for endurance rides and local races alike. View Deal

Ridley Fenix SLA Disc | 39% off at Wiggle
Was GBP1,499.00 | Now GBP899.99
The Fenix SLA disc comes complete with a Shimano 2 x 10 groupset to help you over the climbs. The disc brakes will help you manage the high-speed descent down the other side.View Deal

Orro Gold | 33% off at Wiggle
Was GBP1,799.00 | Now GBP1,199.99
If you're seeking a carbon fibre road bike without the big price tag, then this Gold from Orro is a solid choice.

It's designed with endurance in mind, so it'll be comfortable on long days. View Deal

Specialized Roubaix Sport | 23% off at Rutland Cycling
Was GBP2,599.99 | Now GBP1,999.99
With size 44cm available, it's one for the shorter people out there. If that's you, then there's 23% off this revered endurance bike, complete with disc brakes, Shimano 105 groupset and DT Swiss wheels.View Deal Gravel bikes are a mix between road and mountain bikes, designed to be capable over rougher terrain, but with the ability to hold speed on the road, remain comfortable for hours on end, and many are designed to carry your belongings for multi-day adventures. 

Gravel biking has become increasingly popular over the past few years. With new bikes springing up every five minutes, the best gravel bikes get better and better. As a result, there are deals around, but don't expect them to hang around for long. 

If you're looking for a gravel bike, we have a separate page with even more gravel bike deals, but the highlight deals are listed below. Alternatively, if you don't find what you're looking for here, our guide to the best budget gravel bikes might help you on your way. 

Co-op Cycles ADV 4.2 | 14% off at REI
Was £2,099.00 | Now £1,784.93
If you want to take your riding off the beaten path and stay there for days on end, this bike is designed to go with you. Everything from its suspension seatpost, the racks front-and-rear, the fat tyres or the wide-range of gears are perfectly tailored to tackle adventures. View Deal

Salsa Warroad Carbon Force 1 | 28% off at Tree Fort Bikes
Was £4,399.00 | Now £3,149.00
Salsa could well be the brand that kicked off the whole gravel bike scene with its original Warbird, so it's safe to say it knows a thing about making good gravel bikes.

This one gets 28% off in size 52.5 or 61cm. View Deal

Look 765 gravel bike | 29% off at Jenson USA
Was £4,500.00 | Now £3,200.00
Combining the aero designs from Look's road range, with a few gravel tweaks, this 765 is a gravel bike ready to go fast. The SRAM Rival 1x groupset will provide crisp shifting and huge stopping power. The WTB tyres will help you float over the trail, and the aerodynamic carbon frame will help you fly when the trail smooths and the speeds rise.  View Deal

Cannondale SuperX Force 1 | 24% off at Rei
Was £4,000.00 | Now £3,399.73
Available in four sizes and a brighter-than-daylight yellow, this SuperX is a 'cross bike by trade, but it makes a mean gravel bike too.

The SRAM 1X groupset is designed for gravel, the carbon frame is aggressive, responsive and light, and the wheels are bombproof. View Deal

Niner RLT R7000 Exclusive Build | 20% off at Jenson USA
Was £4,500.00 | Now £3,600.00
This Shimano-equipped gravel bike is just as capable on-road as it is off. There's fat Kenda tyres to help you float over rough stuff, a carbon frame to keep things compliant and light, and hydraulic disc brakes should the fun need to stop in a hurry. The rest of the spec is impressive too, but check it out for yourself while stock lasts. View Deal

IBIS Hakka GRX custom | 25% off at Jenson USA
Was £5,333.75 | Now £3,999.99
Another exclusive-to-Jenson build, this IBIS Hakka sees a saving of 25% in size 49cm, but with two colours to choose from.

One of the best-specced bikes here, with GRX 2X, a carbon fibre frame and carbon wheels. View Deal

Pivot Vault Pro Ultegra | 10% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was £5,199.00 | Now £4,679.00
This Pivot is a stylish gravel grinder. There's 10% off in this bike deal, and ti comes with Shimano's Ultegra groupset, clutched rear derailleur to keep the chain tight, a carbon frame, high-quality DT-Swiss wheels, and colour matching tyres. View Deal

Commuter bike deals

As we touched on at the start, the rate at which commuting by bicycle has risen throughout 2020 has been astronomical. If you're looking to follow in the footsteps of, well... everyone, and make the healthy choice for your commute, the below roundup of the latest commuter bike deals should serve you well, however, if you want some helpful advice on the subject, check out the following buyer's guides.

Tern Node D7i Folding | 14% off at REI
Was £1,099.00 | Now £934.93
Whether you're combining cycling and public transport or you don't have room at the office to store a full-sized bike, the Tern Node is a great choice.

With its 24in wheels, it'll roll faster than its small-wheeled competition, yet it still folds up to a lightweight and compact size. View Deal

Kona Dew-E | 35% off at Moosejaw
Was £3,299.00 | Now £2,143.99
With size 57cm only, it's one for the taller riders. The Kona Dew-E is an electric bike designed to simplify the commute. With mudguards, inbuilt lights and a Bosch motor, there's little we'd change. View Deal

Surly Big Easy Cargo | 20% off at TreeFortBikes
Was £5,000.00 | Now £4,000.00
If you're looking to use a bicycle for utility, an electric cargo bike is a great way to replace many of your short car journeys. With 20% off this Surly Big Easy in size small, now's the time to commit to a greener lifestyle. View Deal

Over the past few years, electric bike technology has completely transformed and, as a result, people's interest in riding them has soared. No longer are electric bikes faux-mopeds with a twist-and-go accelerator, today's e-bikes tailor assistance based on how hard you're pushing on the pedals yourself. The result is that you still get a workout, but either you get to your destination faster, or you get there with a considerably lower output of effort - perfect for the commuter who doesn't want to arrive at the office covered in sweat.

If you're after a full roundup of deals, check out our electric bike deals page. Otherwise, our buying guides to the best electric bikes and best electric road bikes and electric bikes under 1000 (pounds and dollars) should help you choose what to buy. 

Orbea Gain M20I Ultegra Di2 2019 | 36% off at Jenson USA
Was £5,799.00 | Now £3,699.99
Despite its unassuming aesthetic, this is a fully-fledged performance road e-bike with a carbon frame, Di2 and disc brakes. Available in XL across three colours.View Deal

Cannondale Synapse Neo 1 | 24% off at Rei
Was £5,000.00 | Now £3,799.73
With a choice of all sizes in a stylish, understated black colour, this Synapse Neo will appeal to anyone looking for an electric road bike.

The powerful Bosch motor can provide assistance up to 150 miles, and the 10-speed Shimano groupset will help you pedal your own way should you wish. View Deal

Pinarello Dyodo Gravel Ultegra | 30% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was £8,000.00 | Now £5,600.00
With grand tour-winning pedigree, the Pinarello brand is one of the most sought after. So when they launched a gravel e-bike, we were excited. The aero carbon frame and Ultegra groupset suggest this bike will be no slouch both on- and off-road. View Deal

Pinarello Dyodo eRoad | 19% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was £7,999.00 | Now £6,500.00
While still a rather sizeable investment, this is a high-quality, well built road bike with disc brakes and a SRAM Force groupset.

It's available in all the sizes on the spectrum.View Deal

Superior eRX 630 women's | 52% off at Wiggle
Was GBP2,399.99 | Now from GBP1,149.99
Sizes S and L available. This is an electric bike with a step-through frame. It's listed as a women's option, but it's ultimately suitable for anyone looking for an easily-mountable e-bike for the commute. View Deal

Raleigh Centros Tour | 15% off at Leisure Lakes Bikes
Was GBP2,550.00 | Now GBP2,167.50
Raleigh is one of the longest-serving brands in the bike industry so it's safe to say they know a thing or two about making great bikes.

The Centros Tour is designed for city riding and comes with a 500WH battery for maximum rangeView Deal If you're more into riding off-road rather than on, then you'll probably be interested in our sister site, Bike Perfect. Less than two years old, the website is purely dedicated to providing news and buying advice to mountain bikers, and their guide to the latest mountain bike deals is chock-full of off-road bargains. 

Niner SIR 9 XTR | 29% off at Jenson USA
Was £5,600.00 | Now £3,999.99
This 120mm trail bike is ready to take on everything from trail centres to bikepacking adventures.

The Niner SIR comes specced with 29er wheels but has clearance for up to 27.5 x 3in should you want maximum comfort.View Deal

Felt Decree 2 | 42% off at Wiggle
Was GBP3,500.00 | Now GBP1,999.99
While this is a 2017 model, the Felt Decree is still a capable carbon-fibre mountain bike designed for trail riding, racing and more. The 140mm travel will smooth out a lot of terrain, however, the 27.5in wheels will keep the handling snappy. View Deal Teaching your kids to ride a bike is something that every parent will have to do at some point or another.

Like the rest of your bicycle-based shopping, hunt down the best deals to make sure you don't overpay for something they'll only end up growing out of within around 45 minutes anyway. Below, we list the highlights, but for even more deals, check out our kids' bike deals roundup. 

Kazam Blinki | 10% off at Tree Fort Bikes
Was £109.96 | Now £99.00
Quite an odd conception, but definitely one your kids will like. This balance bike uses a clear plastic frame, inside which the makers have integrated flashing led lights. View Deal

Co-op Cycles REV 12 | 20% off at REI
Was £139.00 | Now £110.93
This balance bike is a simple, yet well-built option that'll stand up to the tests your children will likely put it through, whether that's being dropped or left out in the rain. With its 12in wheels, it's perfect for first-timers looking to get the hang of steering and balance. View Deal

Strider 12 Pro | 6% off at Competitive Cyclist
Was £169.99  | Now £159.99
Starting the kids off with a balance bike is one of the best ways to teach them how to use a bicycle, getting them used to steering before they're ready to pedal.

This Strider Pro is a great deal at 18% off.View Deal

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