Transportation Jobs in the US – The US Is in Dire Need of Professionals to Solve the Transportation Crisis Caused by Natural Disasters

New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2020 -- Transportation is the backbone of the infrastructure industry and the nation's economic activity. The highways, road and bridges are in a critical condition at the moment, caused by natural disasters. As a result, £871.2m in Emergency Relief has been announced by the US Department of Transportation to repair the damage.

As a result, the industry is in high demand for professionals to take on roles immediately in order to make a lasting difference to the US transportation links. Increases in technology such as electric cars and smart highways are bringing exciting new developments to the transportation sector, individuals must be willing to adapt to the increasing demand for public safety while grasping these innovative designs. Transportation professionals are in high demand and the industry is thriving as the market size, predicted by Montana Ledger, is set to reach £30.7bn by 2023, a CAGR of 5.7%.

LVI Associates are the leading specialist recruitment agency for the construction sector. The firm offers permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions to a number of sectors in the infrastructure industry including construction, building services, forensics, oil and gas, power, renewable energy, construction and water and environmental. LVI Associates' team of 750+ employees and consultants call 12+ office locations home worldwide and have worked hard to build a vast network of outstanding engineers, project managers, directors and originators covering over 60 countries globally.

The firm has invested heavily in the training of their consultants to ensure the best-in-class recruitment technology is used for optimal, accurate results and long-lasting professional relationships between clients and candidates. As part of the Phaidon International Group, LVI Associates are the preferred recruitment partner for 71 industry-leading organisations. The firm provides peace of mind for companies looking to solve their biggest business challenge: talent acquisition.

"During uncertain times, LVI Associates offers reassurance. Crises come in many different forms - financial crashes, oil gluts, and now a global pandemic", commented Luis Rolm, Global Marketing Director at LVI Associates. He went on to say, "Yet, whatever the challenge, we remain steadfast in our service.

We continue to offer guidance to clients in the transportation infrastructure sectors and help them secure top talent." Careers that are currently available through LVI Associates include: bridge engineer, CEI director, senior transportation engineer, senior bridge estimator - construction, highway project manager, traffic director, bridge engineer PM, project engineer, structural bridge engineer PM, drainage engineering technical lead, traffic project manager, transportation project manager and traffic/ITS engineer and much more. There are a wide range of jobs available through the firm in the transportation sector and beyond.

LVI Associates consultants are dedicated to supporting candidates through every stage of the recruitment process from source through to hire to ensure they have the best chance. As a specialist recruitment agency, LVI Associates provide an unrivalled service which will save you money and time when sourcing talent for your business. Hiring for a niche sector is benefitted by LVI Associate's deep sector expertise which is enhanced by their network of one million mid-to-senior professionals.

The firm provide guidance on market trends such as salary expectations, desirable skills sets, new technologies and employee expectations within the transportation sector. LVI Associates can help secure talent for those hard-to-fill roles while cutting the recruiting costs and ensuring you don't hire the wrong candidate. Avoiding bad hires can have a huge impact on your business, it will ensure productivity levels are kept high as well as the morale of the company.

Get in touch with LVI Associates friendly consultants today to find out what your next career move will be or how you can bring the right talent into your company. To find out more information about transportation jobs USA visit For any media enquiries please contact Gary Elliott at Iconic Digital - 020 7100 0726.

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