Steve Wills Haulage has purchased a Volvo FH 540 flagship tipper

Cornwall-based Steve Wills Haulage has put this Volvo FH 540 8x4 Charlton-bodied tipper on the road. The flagship truck, which features Charlton's all-steel SuperLite body, has 1,250mm high sides, allowing it to carry almost every type of product from sand and aggregates to rocks and recyclables. "We've long been big fans of Swedish trucks including Volvo's FMX, but this is our first FH," says owner Steve Wills. "For this truck - as with all our recent tippers - we've gone for an all-steel Charlton SuperLite body with a cab-operated tailgate that's the perfect complement to the top-level spec of the chassis.

Together, they are an ideal pairing." The truck will be driven by Steve's 19-year-old son Anthony, who comments: "When you see it in the yard before dawn it kind of takes your breath away. We've always gone for top level tippers, and this one is the best yet.

It's an absolute joy to spend the day in, and attracts highly positive comments from everyone who sees it. In turn, it's a great advert for our company which, in addition to its huge capacity for work, is a key reason for having it." Commenting on the additional weight of opting for an FH cab, Anthony says: "It's really just a bigger box of fresh air.

The twelve alloy wheels also save around 240kg or so over a standard tipper.

As a result, the FH tips the scales at a very reasonable 12,900kg to give a clear 19 tonnes plus payload which, given the performance and versatility on offer, we are more than happy with."

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