Local transport in Mysuru city is on road to recovery

Mysuru: Even as the city is reporting less number of coronavirus cases, there is a considerable increase in the number of people travelling in the city buses.  The local transport, which had seen a decline in numbers ever since the lockdown in March this year, is on the road to recovery. Around 320 buses have started plying and on an average, one lakh to 1.20 lakh people have started commuting. Daily income has crossed Rs 17.75 lakh.

The transport department used to make a huge profit during Dasara time but this time, due to restrictions, it was not the case.  Talking to reporters, Division Controller Nagaraj said, “The number of people using public transport has increased. We are increasing the number of buses according to demand. Before lockdown, we used to make a profit of Rs 32 lakh daily but it slumped drastically post-lockdown.

People are travelling in the morning and evening times in large numbers.

We are following Covid guidelines strictly.

Unmasked passengers are not allowed to travel by buses.” (MR/KS).

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