Coca Cola issues devastating announcement about Christmas truck

The Coca Cola festive truck has been axed for 2020 amid coronavirus measures and restrictions, the drink giant has confirmed. Each year, the giant red vehicle sweeps through towns and cities across the UK to the iconic sound of ‘Holidays Are Coming’. But not this year.

A spokeswoman for the company said: “In light of further Covid-19 restrictions announced around the country and in line with Government guidelines, unfortunately, we can’t go ahead with our annual Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour this year. “We know this will be disappointing for many people, but our priority is the safety of our consumers and employees. “We really look forward to welcoming people back next year when the Truck Tour returns.”

It has become part of Birmingham’s winter festivities – but in 2015, there was disappointment and outrage when it was revealed the city was not part of the giant red truck’s tour of the UK. Visitors to the truck in its winter wonderland setting typically enjoy a free 150ml can of Coca-Cola zero sugar, Diet Coke or Coca-Cola Original Taste. In 2017, the Coca Cola Christmas Truck parked up in Birmingham – but many people couldn’t find it.

A late switch to the publicised location of the truck appeared to cause confusion with few visitors turning up to see it compared to previous years. The event was then cancelled on the Sunday due to heavy snow hitting the city. The truck was in the city centre but in a new location – Eastside City Park next to Ice Skate Birmingham’s Ice Rink and Big Wheel.

This appeared to confuse many people who spent the earlier part of the day trying to find it.

The previous year, the big red truck was parked up at St Martin’s Church in the Bullring with massive 40 minute queues.