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BONOKOSKI: The bigoted Transport Canada email ‘Strangers on My Flight’

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In 2017, it was resurrected. The whistleblower, Renee Soeterik, told CBC News that speaking up about the email ruined her career as an aviation security inspector in Toronto, and was the primary reason for her departure in 2017. Soeterik said she, along with several other managers, first received the email in 2008 and that she spent years bringing it up at meetings and retreats, only to be ostracized as a troublemaker.

"The result is six suspensions, where I'm out of Transport Canada with an impacted pension for the rest of my life," Soeterik told the CBC. "The whistleblower will forever have a partial pension and the suspended employees will not." We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

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"In upholding my sworn duty, I was harassed, gaslit, shown the door and made to make do with a truncated pension. That is the punishment for doing what I was supposed to do," she added.

To the best of my knowledge, the offensive email never surfaced during Raitt's tenure, otherwise it would have landed on my desk. Transport Canada told the CBC that management first became aware of the email in 2017 when it was given a hard copy in the course of an investigation to resolve ongoing workplace problems. No disciplinary action was taken then.

In 2018, another hard copy of the email was given to Transport Canada by Amnesty International on behalf of the families fighting to get their children off the no-fly list

Again no action was taken.

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Only after CBC News reported on the issue in December 2019 did Transport Minister Garneau launch a third probe.

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