EUROPE: BPA highlights UK ports' environmental efforts

The British Ports Association (BPA) has published a package of environmental good practice case studies from ports across the UK. The publication includes projects which focus on: reducing emissions; using renewables; habitats and biodiversity; research, collaboration and leadership; and plastics, waste and recycling. The case studies include:

  • - The installation of the UK's first intermediate voltage shore power system, in Orkney, as well as smaller shore power systems in Fraserburgh and Lerwick
  • - The Port of London's hybrid pilot cutter, which will cut diesel usage significantly
  • - ABP's GBP6.8 million roof mounted solar array at the Port of Hull
  • - Belfast Harbour's drive towards 100% renewable energy usage and smart electricity generation
  • - Salcome Harbour's eco-mooring facility
  • - The use of two bubble curtains in the construction of Aberdeen's new south harbour to protect marine mammals from any harmful effects of the building work

The BPA said it will be adding new stories to the pack over time as well as regularly highlighting individual case studies.

Commenting on the project, Mark Simmonds, Head of Policy & External Affairs at the BPA said: 'This collection of stories shows the tremendous amount of effort ports put into reducing emissions, protecting and enhancing habitats and biodiversity, and tackling waste and marine litter. Much of this work goes unappreciated and we hope that this work will start to highlight some of the everyday effort ports make in delivering positive outcomes for our environment.' The BPA has also published an online form where ports and BPA associate members working in ports can submit new stories.

These will be published on the BPA website and eventually printed in various formats.

The collection is available to view on a map here and in an A4 e-book version here.

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