Will Toyota PH bring in the i-Road as a viable transport solution?

Because of the pandemic, it will be a long time before we see crowded buses and commuter bodies stuffed in MRT coaches again. In fact, we're seeing car-buying promos everywhere because driving a personal car is one's best chance of maintaining social distancing. One of the cars, in particular, we found viable for social distancing is the Toyota i-Road.

This is an electric motorcycle, well more of a scooter with a rood, that Toyota has been presenting in motor shows for a long time. So far it has only been available in public trials in certain cities around the world. However editor-in-chief Dinzo was able to try in out in one of his working trips with Toyota, and he enjoyed it. 

So when we were able to get an exclusive interview with Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) president Atsuhiro Okamoto, aside from asking him about the current state of the automotive industry in the time of COVID-19, we took the opportunity to ask him if the Japanese manufacturer plans on bringing the 300kg personal mobility vehicle (PMV) to the Philippines.

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According to Okamoto-san, the i-Road is very convenient in the city, especially the metro area. It is one of the many types of mobility battery EVs being planned and developed in countries like Japan, the US, and China. But currently in the Philippines, considering the current transportation infrastructure, it will be difficult to introduce such a battery-powered vehicle so soon.

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"And typically, in the Philippines, the mobility for the last few several miles--tricycle or some other transportation--is already existing," remarks Mr.

Okamoto who himself tried the different modes of transportation in the metro.

If you want to hear more about the future plans of the Japanese brand in the Philippines, press play to watch our exclusive interview.

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