Driver of crashed truck beaten blocks from Portland protests

Video showed a man being restrained and beaten bloody at the scene of a crashed truck in downtown Portland late Sunday, shortly after a confrontation that unfolded near the protests a few blocks away.

Portland police said they received a report that protesters were chasing the truck before its driver crashed -- and that protesters assaulted the driver afterward. It wasn't immediately clear what spurred the encounter, and police have released few details.

But a video -- which contains graphic violence and language -- showed a group of people kick, punch and push the man to the ground after he crashed into a light pole at Southwest Broadway and Taylor Street.

Some tried to hold the assailants back, while others begin going through the contents of the truck. As the man sat on the ground, a person ran from behind and kicked him in the face, apparently knocking him unconscious.

Another video showed the man bleeding from the back of the head.

Some street medics attempted to provide aid to the man as they urged others to call 911.

A large police response arrived later and encountered "a hostile crowd," police said.

The driver was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, and the truck was towed.

Another video, edited to omit portions, showed a woman at the crash scene being tackled to the ground in an earlier incident, which unfolded near Southwest Fourth Avenue and Taylor Street.

Some people came to the woman's aid.

And the truck -- surrounded by people, some kicking it or pulling on its doors -- pulled into the intersection against the light and sped down the street toward the intersection where it crashed.

The connection between the driver of the truck and the woman who was tackled is unclear.

The incident remains under investigation, and no arrests have been made.

-- The Oregonian/OregonLive

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