The Blues and Auckland Transport team up for road safety

Wednesday, 5 February 2020, 2:52 pm
Press Release: Auckland Transport

Blues coach Leon MacDonald knows that a small decision by one player can have big consequences for the whole rugby team. The same goes on our roads. Auckland Transport (AT), along with safety partner ACC, is committed to converting our transport system into a safe network, with zero deaths and serious injuries by 2050.

It’s a goal the Blues are getting behind too. Blues coach Leon MacDonald says that over several years playing rugby, and now as a coach, he has learned that small decisions can make a big difference – whether you’re on the rugby field or in a car. “For a rugby team to be successful, everyone must be aware of the people around them and make good decisions based on what is happening at any given moment.

This is not unlike making decisions in traffic.” “No individual can win without the team, but the team can be affected by decisions made by individuals – just like driving, riding or walking.” Bryan Sherritt, executive general manager of safety at AT, says everyone has a role to play in making a difference and one by one we can all make Auckland roads safer.

“All Aucklanders – whether they are drivers, people on bikes, pedestrians, motorbike or scooter riders, micro mobility users or public transport users – deserve to get home safely.” “Every single positive action taken on our roads, footpaths and cycleways by Aucklanders matters. One by one we can change old habits and make Auckland safer for everyone.”

Blues coach Leon MacDonald’s tips for a safe journey on the road: 1. Get set up right and put yourself in a positive mindset before you start your journey: If you’ve got to commute then think of it as a positive opportunity: A chance to get some personal time, catch up on the news, talk to the kids.

2. Expect the unexpected and only worry about what you can control: Things will happen, so you need to stay in the moment and always be alert by reducing distractions and focusing on the tasks and actions you’re in charge of. 3.

Acknowledge you’re rattled: If something goes wrong, acknowledge it and then reset. Use a reset word to refocus and then get back into the moment. See more at

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