EBRD to Finance Road Construction in Eastern Tajikistan

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EBRD to Finance Road Construction in Eastern Tajikistan

EBRD to Finance Road Construction in Eastern Tajikistan

The population of the Rasht Valley in eastern Tajikistan will benefit from better regional connectivity and new economic opportunities thanks to a major infrastructure project supported by the EBRD. A USD 150 million loan by the EBRD will finance the construction of a 44-kilometere stretch of the M41 road, the main transport corridor in the country linking Tajikistan with the Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan and China.

The investment complements funding by the Asian Development Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which are jointly financing the construction of a bypass of the existing section of the M41, which needs to be replaced due to the construction of a hydropower plant in the region. Technical cooperation funding aimed at the assessment of climate change risks was provided by the Czech Republic.

The project will also provide multiple economic benefits for local women. Along the road five trading areas will be established for more than 8,000 women entrepreneurs from the valley. At least 150 women will receive specialised training designed to improve their commercial skills.

The investment will help improve road maintenance practices in Tajikistan through the increased funding and institutional capacity measures supported by the EBRD.

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