Uttarakhand is on 2nd place in India for killed people during walking on road

Dehradun: Road accidents are increasing day by day, in today's time, everyone has been shaken, while there is only one rate every time that no major accident happens again, but says that what you think is most It also happens that recently in Uttarakhand something similar has been heard that the roads of Uttarakhand are also very dangerous for the pedestrians. In two years, 273 pedestrians have lost their lives on the state's national highway and state highway. In Himachal Pradesh, after Himachal Pradesh, this figure is the largest in pedestrian deaths in Uttarakhand.

During two years in Himachal, 353 pedestrians were killed while walking on the road. Citizenship Law: 'Muslims will show the tomb of their ancestors. What will Hindus show?

According to information received from sources, this figure of death of pedestrians on the roads is even more authentic because the Ministry of Road Transport has given it in the Lok Sabha.

The worrying thing is that the roads of the country and the state are becoming deadly for pedestrians. At the national level, in the year 2015, 13894 pedestrians were killed. Uttar Pradesh: Samajwadi party leaders joins BSP

In the year 2018, this death toll has increased to 22656. In the year 2015, 106 pedestrians were killed on the roads in Uttarakhand. In the year 2018, this number has increased to 146.

That is, the figure is also increasing continuously in the state.

The length of roads in the state has increased in the last 19 years, but the work of widening of roads could not be done at that speed.

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