New Mack electric truck to clear NYC trash without polluting air

ALLENTOWN, PA – Mack Trucks[1], the leading refuse truck manufacturer, has officially unveiled the company’s first ever battery electric refuse truck, the LR Electric model, at its Customer Center, offering test drives to the media and its first customer, the New York City Department of Sanitation. The world’s largest sanitation department, which collects 10,500 tons of refuse and 1,700 tons of recyclables a day, will start with five routes throughout Brooklyn in the spring. For Mack, it’s a chance to challenge the 72,000-lb. (GVW) truck’s capabilities in one of the most demanding environments out there.

For the DSNY, adding more zero-emissions vehicle will inch New York City closer to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2035. The city aims to become carbon neutral by 2050. “DSNY, along with our more than 6,000 vehicles, will play a major role as we push toward that goal,” said DSNY Deputy Commissioner Rocky DiRico. “We’re looking at all kinds of technologies to help us achieve that reduction.

We’re especially proud to be the first Mack customer to test the LR Electric model.” DSNY’s collection truck fleet, comprising 2,346 vehicles, is 99% Mack. The department has been at the forefront of advanced fuel technology, implementing compressed natural gas (CNG) in 1989, EV in 1999, and adding biodiesel and even dimethyl ether along the way.

The LR Electric marks the first battery electric refuse vehicle in its fleet. “We took some baby steps along the way, but this is a giant step,” DiRico remarked. DiRico, part of a large contingent of DSNY leadership and engineers, was also the first of the day to test the LR Electric.

After climbing down from the cab he said, “Unbelievable, all you hear is a little squeak here or there and that’s it. Those intermittent high-pitched sounds would normally be covered by the rumbling diesel engine, Mack lead engineer for the project, Ed Strauss, said. “The Mack LR Electric demonstrates Mack’s leadership in powertrain innovation, bringing clean, quiet propulsion to the refuse application, which is one of the toughest in heavy-duty trucking due to the harsh operating environments and number of starts and stops during a shift,” said Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president, North American sales and marketing.

The truck is basically the diesel-powered version of the LR, launched in 2015. The powered source is four NMC lithium-ion batteries (Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide), which take as little as 90 minutes to charge, using a 50kW, SAE J1772-compliant charging system. The regenerative braking system diverts the kinetic energy generated by stopping to the battery to recycle some of that expended energy.

The drivetrain, developed through the shared Volvo Group’s global technology network, includes a 130-kW motor that deliver a combined 496-peak horsepower, providing 4,051 lb.-ft. of torque available from zero RPM. The two-speed Mack Powershift transmission channels that power to the road via Mack’s proprietary S522R 52,000-lb. rear axles. This unit no.

1 will be taken over to Brooklyn for some initial street tests before heading south to Greensboro for any tweaking that comes from DSNY feedback. The next few months will be full of “testing and piloting and beating the hell out of that truck,” DiRico said, to ensure it has the rough-and-tumble personality to make it in the streets of the city that never sleeps. The LR Electric as it is currently configured will not be able to also plow the various boroughs’ streets, which current refuse trucks are responsible for.

They must clear 6,300 miles of road, and Mack needs to know the truck can effectively complete its primary mission before multitasking. When you think about the 17 million Americans who suffer from one form of depression or another, it’s, well, depressing. The lifetime risk of a serious, clinically significant episode of depression is 12%, but the chance that you’ll have at least a mild form of depression sometime is about one in four.  It’s no wonder, then, that the famed anti-depressant Prozac is one of the most-prescribed drugs in America.

Trouble is, everyone gets down in the dumps sometimes; it’s human nature. Scientists believe depression is an evolutionary response coded into our genetic makeup that allows us to adapt to changing circumstances by withdrawing and conserving inner resources. And Prozac-like drugs have some unsatisfying side effects, such as a decreased sex drive.

 Luckily there are dozens of easy ways to give your mood a quick boost without resorting to prescription drugs. Try one, or all, of the following 10 techniques. You’ve got nothing to lose but your gloom.

Affirm Yourself. What made Saturday Night Live‘s Stuart Smalley so funny back in the day was that his optimistic affirmation had no visible effect on his self-esteem. The truth is, though, that in the world this side of the tube the technique actually works. Sports psychologists have shown that when an athlete repeats a positive phrase to himself he can change and improve his performance.

The same goes for mood. At the beginning of each day, concoct a short, optimistic phrase and repeat it occasionally throughout the day. “I am a happy person,” for instance. Remember, however, that the phrase must be worded positively. “I am not unhappy,” for example, will simply reinforce the negative emotions.

Breathe Deep. Most people breathe as shallowly as rabbits, which is fine if you’re running away from coyotes or the likes of Elmer Fudd. But, says John Douillard, a former pro athlete and author of Body, Mind and Sport, “The nerves located there are emergency energy sites that produce stress and fighting hormones, which are fine for short-term response, but are degenerative over time.” Yet Douillard says that by constantly breathing deeply through your nose and filling your entire lungs you can relax yourself and spur your brain’s contentment response. Chase the Blues Away. No matter what he says, you can be sure that the guy who runs six miles a day wouldn’t be out there if it didn’t feel good.

There’s a reason for it: Aerobic activity sustained for more than 20 minutes produces opiate-like chemicals in the brain called endorphins. Such endorphins are responsible for what the initiated call “runner’s high.” What’s more, aerobic exercise also produces calming alpha-wave activity in the brain; a state reached only by the most dedicated of meditators. Also, scientists now say that vigorous activity may increase the brain’s levels of serotonin, the very chemical  that Prozac helps reach the brain.

Not as tangible, perhaps, but exercise firms up the physique, clears the skin and makes you look and feel good. So, before or after your day in the cab try to get some aerobic exercise. Carbo Load. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology theorize that carbohydrate-packed foods also boost seratonin levels in the brain.

Try dining on carbohydrate-rich foods such as fruits, pasta, rice, cereals and breads, but avoid the fat, the sugary and the sweet. Laugh It Off. It’s hackneyed but true. Studies show that a good laugh can speed recovery from illness, and quickly shake off a mild case of the blues.

There’s humor in magazines as diverse as The New Yorker and the Reader’s Digest; and comics in most daily newspapers. Television can be a source of humor,  which is subjective, so help yourself. Buy It. You can boost your spirits by buying yourself a little present.

It doesn’t have to be big–maybe it’s some Blue-ray movies you can look forward to watching when you get home. Or, if you’re depressed by a mountain of bills, then you’re guaranteed to feel better by getting your finances under control. The easiest way is to divide and conquer: Pay the minimum amount on all bills except one target bill, and keep aiming all your extra money toward that bill.

Keep hitting it hard month after month, and soon it will topple.. Get in Touch. It’s a sad fact: Otherwise healthy babies will suffer if they don’t get enough human contact. So, too, will a guy’s spirits.

But if you happen to be between successful engagements, as it were, try scheduling a massage. Even one of those storefront five-minute backrub places can relax you and brighten your day. You might even consider committing to a relationship with a furry little animal.

Stroking one has been shown to lower blood pressure and relax humans. It’s as though they’re made especially for it–why do you think we call them pets? Write On. Keeping a journal also helps you through catharsis.

It forces you to think through your problems by writing them down formally. And once you see them as tangible problems on paper, they don’t seem so big, do they? Help Out. Opportunities are available everywhere, everyday, all day long.

Open a door for a stranger. Pick up a piece of litter blowing on the street. Hold your umbrella over another’s head.

Amuse a baby while you’re standing in the grocery line. Help someone change a flat. Buy a single rose and present it to the first person who comes along.

Give up you seat on the train, the bus, the subway car to anyone who looks weary. Chivalry’s not dead! You embody it!

What a great guy you are!

Get Physical. Do something with your hands: whittle a stick, create a small shop project, build a model car like you did when you were a kid.  It’ll take your mind off your troubles.


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